Polish schools can take in more Ukrainian children, minister says

Roman Zawistowski/PAP

The Polish school system can take in a further 200-300,000 Ukrainian children in the coming school year, Poland's education minister said on Tuesday.

Przemyslaw Czarnek said on Polish Radio that schools can handle the inflow of Ukrainian refugee children. He added that the only problems that could arise concerned larger cities, where single schools could find themselves overwhelmed by Ukrainian children.

In such cases, however, the children will be administratively distributed to other schools in the area, he said.

"There is room for Ukrainian children in Polish schools. We are prepared to admit a further 200-300,000 in September," Czarnek said.

He added that currently 500-600,000 of the estimated 700-800,000 Ukrainian schoolchildren in Poland attended Ukrainian schools via the internet, with only around 200,000 enrolled in Polish schools.