Polish-Russian EU cross-border co-operation programme confirmed

The European Union and Russia signed a contract on Thursday launching new cross-border co-operation programmes between Poland and Russia and Lithuania and Russia.

The programmes are aimed at reviving the economies of border regions and aiding common solutions to environmental problems. 

The official aim of the programme is to support cross-border co-operation in the social and economic fields and in terms of environmental protection. In practice they are intended to translate into ensuring the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of border regions, common ecological activities, and increasing economic and security co-operation as well as rationalising border traffic. 

The European Commission announced that EUR 88 million has been earmarked for the two programmes, of which a little over EUR 62.2 million is for Polish-Russian co-operation. The EU's contribution stands at EUR 20.6 million from the European Regional Development Fund and EUR 21 million from the European Neighbourhood Instrument. Russia's contribution stands at EUR 20.6 million. 

On the Polish side the money will reach beneficiaries from the northeastern Warminsko-Mazurskie and Podlaskie provinces and the northern Pomorskie province. On the Russian side, the money will benefit the Kaliningrad enclave.