Polish Radio One to launch special broadcasts for Belarus

The Management Board of Polish Radio S.A. has decided to modify its current radio programme schedule and introduce special news services in Belarusian on Polish Radio One (PR), which will be devoted to the current situation in Belarus.

Thanks to Polish Radio S.A. transmitters at the Radio Broadcasting Centre in Solec Kujawski, in north-central Poland, the special Polish Radio One programmes will be aired on the AM-LW (long wave) 225 kHz frequency/1333 meters wavelength in almost all of Europe and will cover the entire territory or Belarus.

As reported, special news services prepared by the Belarusian section reporters of Polish Radio for Foreigners will be broadcast three times a day: in the morning after 6:30 am; during the "High Noon" programme after 12 pm; and in the evening after 10 pm, during the "Poland and the World" programme.

"Thanks to this, all Belarusians, including those living where there is no internet access, or in the event of the network being limited again, will have easy access to complete and reliable information about the situation in their country and international events related to it," stated PR.

According to the statement, "support for the Belarusian people in these difficult times, this gesture of solidarity in the form of reliable and truthful information, is also part of the mission of the Polish Radio public broadcaster. Only strong and well-organised public media with their appropriate technical infrastructure and exceptional editorial staff are able to undertake such important and necessary initiatives. Commercial broadcasters are not able to do it."

The information service broadcasts will start on August 22 of this year.