Polish quantum software producer enters US and Canadian markets

Polish start-up Bohr Technology, a company which creates quantum machine learning algorithms and software for solving complex optimisation problems is entering the U.S. and Canadian markets, informs the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).

According to the PAIH press release, the Polish company, established in 2017, is implementing an acceleration programme at the prestigious Creative Destruction Lab incubator in Toronto. It is also initiating cooperation with the main players on the Canadian market and, with the assistance of a local PAIH office, is expanding its client portfolio in North America.

As PAIH pointed out, the quantum computer market is a new segment of the economy, and innovation technology from laboratory tests have recently started down the path of commercialisation. "Quantum computers are a new kind of machine based on a new convention - quantum phenomena – which can provide much more computing power than traditional computers, explained Witold Krawczyk, founder and president of Bohr Technology. He estimated that in the future, quantum computers will reduce the time of calculations from days to seconds, "something that is inspiring many who are in the market."

According to estimates by Thomson Innovation, the industry is growing by an average of 24 percent annually. As Kowalczyk added, quantum technology can also be used in the development of artificial intelligence.

Quantum computers with the appropriate software, as Kowalczyk said, can also be used in medicine, energy, finances and, for example, logistics for process optimisation or the simulation of situations, which require taking into account hundreds of overlapping variables, in short periods of time.

The use of quantum computers to solve complex optimisation problems is, as he noted, a niche market. The company's goal is to build a position of a global quantum software manufacturer for the optimisation of processes by 2023," noted Kowalczyk. He added that this involves intense foreign expansion. As such, the company is setting its sights on North America, Israel, Singapore, that is, global innovation centres, followed by China, as well.