Polish puppet theatre to perform in China

The Bialostocki Puppet Theatre from Bialystok, northeastern Poland, will present shows in China during late May and early June as part of the Polish government's drive to promote Polish puppetry art on the international arena.

The project of the Bialostocki theatre received funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the programme dubbed "Promotion of Polish culture abroad 2018 - Promesa".

It will be the theatre's fifth visit to China, but the first to Shenzen, the theatre's director Jacek Malinowski pointed out at a press conference on Wednesday.

The Bialostocki theatre will present three performances as part of the "China BTLscope" project. Malinowski said that the name of the undertaking is to refer to the "inner kaleidoscope of colours and different forms" of the puppet theatre, and therefore three silent performances from the current repertoire have been chosen for the project.

The Bialostocki Theatre will be hosted in Shenzhen from May 24 to June 4.