Polish products on show at Hungarian health-food chains

A monthly promotion of Polish products started on Saturday at Hungarian health-food and natural cosmetic chains, the head of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH)'s Foreign Trade Office, Marcin Karaskiewicz informed PAP.

Six Polish companies are taking part in the promotion, including Oceanic, which is presenting its AA line of cosmetics, health-food producer Sonko, which is showing its Risana brand (rice, buckwheat etc.), the Bezgluten company, producer of the Royal Apple juices, Eurowafel and cosmetics firm Dermaglin.

The campaign is being conducted at the competing branches of Mediline and Bijo. "Both chains, apart from online stores and stationary shops devoted to individual customers, also have wholesale cash&carry outlets providing products to several hundred smaller shops in Hungary," Karaskiewicz pointed out.

Within the promotion's framework, Polish companies' products are featured in shop newspapers, on their websites and in their online stores as well as on the shelves of the shops themselves.

"We hope the products of these six companies will remain on the shelves after the campaign has finished," Karaskiewicz commented. "It would enable among other things the introduction of the AA Oceanic line permanently in Hungary. In addition, we would ensure the presence of the remaining Polish brands on the shelves of all three of the biggest players in the country's organic segment."

All the companies taking part in the campaign are available at other chains in Hungary.