Polish private healthcare to provide 1,000 COVID-19 beds - health min

Paweł Supernak/PAP

The inventory of beds for coronavirus-infected patients will increase by 1,000, as the result of those provided by the private healthcare sector, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski told a Thursday press conference after Poland saw a new daily record for coronavirus infections.

Anna Rulkiewicz, deputy head of the Employers of Poland association, said 18 private hospitals across the country would offer a total of 1,046 beds for treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The private hospitals that will provide the beds are mostly located in large cities and will be financed from the country's National Health Fund (NFZ), Niedzielski added.

The extra beds constitute "very real support" in the government's fight against the virus, he added.

Rulkiewicz said it was very important for the entire private healthcare sector to carry out the public mission along with the government to help all Polish patients.