Polish president's approval ratings on balance - poll

Andrzej Duda is positively assessed by 46 percent of respondents. Paweł Supernak/PAP

Almost half of Poles say President Andrzej Duda is doing a good job and 43 percent claim the opposite, a CBOS June poll shows.

Andrzej Duda is positively assessed by 46 percent of respondents. The president's ratings improved from the previous month with 1 percentage point more support. At the same time, 1 percentage point of pollees is less critical. In the latest survey, 11 percent did not have an opinion on his performance.

Analysing the president's backing, CBOS observed that Duda is positively assessed mainly by supporters of the ruling conservative United Right coalition, and Church goers.

They are also older respondents (55+), those with primary or basic vocational education, village residents and those with low income per capita, CBOS added.

The parliament gets lower ratings, with the performance of the Sejm, the lower house, being viewed positively by just 26 percent of respondents, and negatively by 54 percent.

The Sejm's negative ratings dropped by 3 percentage points from the previous month and the positive responses remained unchanged, while 20 percent had no opinion.

The operation of the upper house, the Senate, is praised by 26 percent of Poles and criticised by 49 percent.

The Senate lost 5 percentage point in positive ratings compared to May while the house's negative assessment increased by 4 percentage points.

CBOS ran the survey on a representative sample of 1,218 adult Poles on June 7-17, 2021.