Polish president to be vaccinated when his turns comes

Leszek Szymański/PAP

The Polish president's spokesman has stated that the head of state will get vaccinated against the coronavirus when his turns comes, and said that vaccination queue jumping is irresponsible.

Blazej Spychalski told Radio Zet on Sunday that the National Vaccination Programme clearly defines the order in which concrete groups of people are to be vaccinated.

"President Andrzej Duda will be vaccinated when his turns comes. Being prepared in a logical and sensible way, the National Vaccination Programme clearly states what social group is to be vaccinated at a given time," he said.

"We cannot accept a situation in which someone tries to be vaccinated outside the programme. This is irresponsible behaviour," he went on to say.

Asked whether the president was satisfied with the implementation of the programme, Spychalski answered that the course of the entire operation depended on the number of available vaccines.

"The number of vaccines has been on the rise. If it continues to grow - and it will - the number of vaccinated people will also be growing bigger," he said.

The official said that Poland had already vaccinated over 200,000 people, and that this was either the third or the fourth result in the EU.