Polish president praises Joe Biden's visit to Kyiv

„Russia's brutal self-confidence will be punished in Ukraine," Duda said. Piotr Nowak/PAP

Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, has said that, having paid a visit to Ukraine, the US president has shown that Ukraine is not alone and that it has been supported by the world's most powerful army.

"President Joe Biden, against all expectations, paid a visit to Ukraine and has shown that the free world and its leader are not afraid of anything," Duda said in Warsaw on Tuesday.

"He showed that Ukraine is not alone and that it is being supported by the world's strongest army," the Polish president said.

Duda said that the US president had come to Warsaw in exceptional conditions, "directly from Kyiv, which has been in the dark of the Russian aggression, which is being heroically defended today by our neighbours, Ukrainians, the defenders of their homeland."

Duda added that Warsaw, and the Royal Castle, which was the site of today's meeting, was also very special as the castle, which had been the symbol of Poland's greatness, had been destroyed and burnt down, had been burning in the eyes of the entire world, and had been in ruins.

"But later it had been rebuilt thanks to the effort of the entire nation," Duda continued.

"When today we are looking at Ukraine and its cities, which have been on fire, when we hear terrible reports about the Russian terror. When we are looking at murdered people, destroyed housing estates - it looks like the pictures from the Second World War," Duda said, adding that this was never to repeat itself in Europe, but "has been experienced by our neighbours today."

Duda said that was happening because Russia wanted again to become an empire and to implement its ambitions to enslave other nations.

"We will never give our consent to such thing, the free world will never accept this," Duda said.

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