Polish president hopes US will join Three Seas project

Polish president hopes US will join Three Seas project Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

Referring to special Polish-US ties and the opportunities that could be created by the Three Seas Initiative, Poland's President Andrzej Duda expressed his hope at the Congress 590, in Jasionka near Rzeszow, on Monday, that "the US will join our great project."

President Duda underlined the potential existing in cooperation with the US and stressed that this collaboration "has been dynamically developing in many areas, including the economic and military sectors."

In his speech, he also spoke about the inauguration of the Forward Command of the American 1st Infantry Division in Poznan (western Poland) and Poland's nomination to the Visa Waiver Program, which has the potential to "increase tourist traffic between the two countries, as well as economic cooperation."

"I hope that the US will join our great Three Seas project," he said and stated that this was the initiative of cooperation with the countries, which - being left behind the Iron Curtain - for decades shared Poland's fate, were not totally free, and which could not develop after the World War Two like the other western countries could.

"We have been making up for all these things. We want to cooperate with each other in the best possible way," he said, noting the importance of infrastructure projects for economic development. "If we get such roads as the Via Carpathia, Via Baltica, Rail Baltica and the others which are being planned, Poland will be able to develop even more dynamically," he said.