Polish president consults peers before climate summit

Polish President Andrzej Duda has been in talks with his peers in the region to coordinate policies before next week's global climate summit initiated by US President Joe Biden.

Biden has invited Duda to attend the virtual climate summit of some 40 world leaders on April 22-23. Biden announced the US is going to present an ambitious climate target for 2030 and expressed expectations that other world leaders will follow suit.

Before the summit, Duda has been aligning regional policies with other Central and Eastern European leaders, starting off with his Slovenian and Lithuanian peers on Friday, his aide, Krzysztof Szczerski, has told PAP.

Duda's address at the summit will be "a broader regional message," Szczerski said, adding that Duda will also present the Polish concepts and experiences in just economic transformation, job creation in innovative and green sectors and energy security.

"The president will also present good ideas from the other countries in the region," Szczerski added.

The April summit is the first in a series of meetings before a larger UN climate summit, the COP26, planned for November this year. The conference will be an opportunity to update climate policies adopted under the Paris Agreement of 2015, an international treaty on climate change.