Polish president calls for 'just transformation' of mining industry

President Andrzej Duda said on Twitter after a meeting with Solidarity trade union leader Piotr Duda on Tuesday that the Polish mining industry should be reformed through a just transformation introduced via social dialogue.

"With reference to the situation in Silesian mines, I had a talk with Solidarity Leader Piotr Duda. The problem of changes in mining is only a part of the climate policy that covers numerous sectors of industry. A just transformation, introduced via social dialogue, is the key here," the president wrote.

The Inter-Union Protest and Strike Committee has announced that the underground protest of miners in the Ruda and Wujek mines that started on Monday will spread to other mines belonging to the Polish Mining Group (PGG), Europe's biggest coal mining company.

The miners are also planning a demonstration in the southern city of Ruda Slaska on Friday as they demand talks with PM Mateusz Morawiecki.

The unionists argue that the transformation of Poland's mining region Silesia should be spread over 40 years and criticise what they call a fast pace of reducing coal's role in the country's power generation.

On Tuesday afternoon, the unionists said there were more than 230 miners holding a protest underground in six PGG mines.

A government delegation met with the unionists on Tuesday afternoon.