Polish Post to make 2,000 postal machines available by 2022

Bartłomiej Zborowski/PAP

By 2022 the Polish Post (Poczta Polska) intends to launch 2,000 parcel machines with the number of collection points in the 'click and collect' network to reach over 20,000, Poczta Polska informed PAP on Tuesday.

The postal operator said it was banking on "intensive development of ecological, convenient and safe means of sending and receiving parcels." One of its most important strategic objectives is to make 2,000 external package machines available to customers in response to the dynamically developing internet ordering market in Poland.

The new machines will be sited near existing Poczta Polska branches, near markets and shopping centres, close to state institutions and local government offices as well as in parish premises and at housing cooperatives, among other locations. Next year, 500 such machines will be made available with the number multiplying four-fold the following year.

Poczta Polska President Tomasz Zdzikot explained in press material that the company had taken a strategic decision which provides for increased amenities for its customers and business partners. In Zdzikot's view, the e-commerce market might reach as much as PLN 100-120 billion (EUR 22-26 billion) a year in the coming years.

"That's twice as much as was estimated at the beginning of the year," Zdzikot said. "Poczta Polska is already one of the market leaders in courier packages and wants to further strengthen its position. Safe forms of handing over parcels are of ever more importance, that's why Poczta Polska will develop a network of machines for parcel collection."

The Polish Post has the country's biggest network of collection points, including post offices, Zabka convenience stores, kiosks and selected Orlen fuel stations. In total, there are 13,000 collection points and packages can also be collected at over 240 machines in post office branches and Biedronka supermarkets, among other locations.