Get well soon, Boris! PM wishes Britain's Boris Johnson speedy recovery from coronavirus

The screenshot from a video made available on British Prime Minister's Twitter account shows British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he speaks about being infected with coronavirus COVID-19. /PAP/EPA

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Friday wished his British counterpart Boris Johnson, who has contracted the coronavirus, a speedy recovery and a lot of strength to fight the disease.

Johnson confirmed on Friday that he had tested positive for the virus and is self-isolating. He also assured that he would continue to lead the government and fight the epidemic.

As a response, Morawiecki wrote on Facebook that "in the face of the coronavirus pandemic we are all equal, no one is safe". "We will not be protected by wealth, status, popularity or function," he noted.

"As Brits say: Boris – keep calm and carry on!" the Polish PM added.