Polish PM says rainbow protest act of vandalism

Mateusz Morawiecki/Facebook

PM Mateusz Morawiecki commenting the placing of rainbow flags and handkerchiefs with a symbol referring to the anarchist movement on Warsaw monuments wrote that the basic condition for any civilised debate on tolerance is to define the limits of such tolerance.

The PM assuring on Facebook that he will always guard freedom of speech and thought, however, he asks: "Can you justify any, even the most iconoclastic behaviour, by fighting for your vision of the world? Does the end justify the means? Definitely NO!," Morawiecki stressed.

"Each side of the great ideological dispute of our times spreading across the world, the effects of which are also felt in Poland, must understand that there are certain limits to a level of aggression that cannot be exceeded," wrote the PM.

He pointed out that today millions of Poles want to live in a tolerant state that respects different points of view. "I fully support this and, as the prime minister of the Polish government, I will always uphold freedom of speech and thought. These values have been and are inextricably linked with Poland and Solidarity," he declared.

Morawiecki, referring to the action that took place in Warsaw on Tuesday night expressed the opinion that such acts of vandalism do not lead to anything good and have one goal - to divide society even more.

"In Poland, we will not make the mistakes of the West. We all see what unconditional tolerance towards pseudo-intellectual barbarism leads to. Tolerance also means reciprocity. Without respecting the ideals of the majority, any minorities instead of winning supporters only make enemies," noted the Polish prime minister.