Polish PM praises EU budget for Poland

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, has welcomed the multi-billion-euro EU budget deal, saying on Friday in Brussels that it was a good deal for Poland that had met all the country’s conditions.

The deal ends an impasse between the EU, and Poland and Hungary over a clause linking funding to respect for the rule of law, which had threatened to derail the bloc’s financing and a special pandemic recovery fund.

"PLN 770 billion (EUR 171 billion) is a very good budget for Poland," he said. "Thanks to the negotiations, which were long-lasting, difficult and tiresome, the agreement, which has been reached, has taken into account all our conditions."

"We have a budget and a recovery plan that offers massive investment funds," Morawiecki told reporters. "It comes with huge means to support the development of the Polish economy, its innovativeness and many other goals, which must be implemented, especially while overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic."

The Polish prime minister stated that Poland expected the European Commission to as quickly as possible turn all decisions taken at the summit into concrete guidelines, which it will then apply.

"This is what was of importance for us. And beside this, we wanted a clear separation of the so-called rule of law procedure - which is defined in a separate article in the EU Treaties, namely, article 7 - and the protection of, and control over, the EU budget," Morawicki explained.