Polish PM, EC head to speak about Ukrainian children abducted by Russia


The question of Ukrainian children being kidnapped by Russia from Russian-held parts of Ukraine, the necessity to strengthen sanctions imposed on Russia and further support needed by Ukraine will be in the focus of an EU summit starting in Brussels on Thursday.

"Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will speak about a joint initiative to trace Ukrainian children who have been abducted by Russia during the invasion of Ukraine, ensuring those responsible are brought to justice," PAP was told by European Minister Marcin Przydacz on Thursday.

Przydacz also said that Morawiecki, who had arrived in Brussels to take part in the two-day summit, would also speak about the situation in Belarus, with special emphasis on political prisoners in that country.

"EU leaders will debate on further support for Ukraine as well as economic and energy issues," Piotr Mueller, the Polish government spokesman, said.

"The European Council will also discuss how to bring Russia to justice for its war crimes in Ukraine," Mueller continued, adding that the summit was also expected to find ways to seal the existing sanctions imposed on Russia and how to use Russia's frozen assets to rebuild Ukraine.

Mueller said that Poland would also continue to call on the EU to accelerate Ukraine's accession process and to start accession negotiations still this year.

"We hope that EU leaders will decide to increase the European Peace Facility (EPF) budget in order to satisfy Ukraine's key needs," Mueller said, adding that the EU should also decide to continue its policy of sanctions imposed on Russia, including penalty measures against entities trying to avoid them.