Polish PM attends November Uprising observances

The head of the government paid homage to all victims of the uprising. Marcin Onufryjuk/PAP

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki attended the commemorations of the 189th anniversary of the 1830-31 November Uprising against the Russian Empire, held at the Cemetery of the insurgents in Kopna Góra, western Poland, on Friday.

Morawiecki said that the November insurgents are worth such homage because in the most difficult circumstances they fought for "real independence." He also noted that, "the uprising was in the Poles' hearts, because freedom has been always in the hearts of Poles."

The prime minister pointed out that the uprising should be a warning against earlier mistakes, which led to Poland's partitions, but also "against the political and military errors, delaying tactics, and lack of faith of some leaders."

The head of the government paid homage to all victims of the uprising. "We own them homage and remembrance. Commemorating heroes of the November Uprising is an important part of today's independence and sovereignty," the PM said.

Apart from Morawiecki, the commemorations were attended by state officials including Education Minister Dariusz Piontkowski, Polish MPs, local government authorities, combatants, representatives of the uniformed services, and scouts.

The November Uprising broke out on November 29, 1830, when a group of non-commissioned officers at Warsaw's Infantry Cadet School attacked the Belweder - the headquarters of the Polish Army's Russian leadership. In all, around 54,000 Polish soldiers fought against a 115,000-strong Russian Army for over a year. The uprising's fall in 1831 was followed by repression against its participants and drastically reduced the autonomy of the Russian-controlled Kingdom of Poland.

The November Insurgents Cemetery, a National Remembrance Site, was founded in Kopna Góra in 2013. The remains of 46 insurgents, exhumed in 2010, are buried there. Their graves are decorated with painted white eagles and iron crosses.