Polish passport among strongest in the world

Adam Warżawa/PAP

The Polish passport finds itself in the top ten in Great Britain's Henley Passport index, a ranking of all the world's passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa.

The ranking revealed that Poland and Hungary tied for ninth place and that the holders of passports from these countries could travel to 184 nations without a visa.

Taking the top spots in the rating were Japan (travel to 193 countries without a visa), Singapore and South Korea (192 countries), and Germany and Spain (190 countries).

At the bottom of the ranking were Syria (30 countries), Iraq (29 countries) and Afghanistan (27 countries).

The index, run since 2006, is based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) – the largest, most accurate travel information database – and enhanced by Henley & Partners' research team.