Polish parliamentarism is our own achievement

"We, Poles, did not receive our parliamentarism as a gift, nor did anyone impose it on us, it is our own achievement," President Andrzej Duda said in a Friday's address to the National Assembly on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of the Polish parliament.

Duda stressed that the testimony of Poles' attachment to the parliamentary system is that today, also in discussions about the free Poland, discussions about its political structure and the need to renew the constitutional foundation of the Polish republic or re-establishing it "for all of us now, there is no doubt that our state is and will be a republic, and the bicameral parliament will remain an organ of legislative power".

This obviousness is, in his opinion, "the fruit of centuries-old traditions and historical work", the efforts of ancestors and 550 years of "political life created by citizens and their representatives, through gathering experience and drawing conclusions."

The Polish president pointed out that the Polish parliamentarism is "the fruit of our decisions and our efforts", adding that Poles carry "the memory and wisdom, but also the experience of errors, gained through centuries of parliamentarism" in the "genetic code of our community."