Polish parliament adopts restrictions on Sunday shopping

Poland's Sejm (lower house) on Wednesday passed a bill which limits shopping on Sunday and the draft legislation now only needs the approval of President Andrzej Duda to become law.

The Sejm adopted the bill after accepting several amendments made by lawmakers in the Senate (upper house). 

Under the bill, as of March 1, 2018, shopping will only be allowed on two Sundays per month - the first and last one. As of 2019, this will be further limited to the last Sunday of the month, while as of 2020, shopping will be permitted on seven Sundays per year: the last two Sundays before Christmas, the last Sunday before Easter, as well as the last Sundays of January, April, June and August.

There are several exemptions to these restrictions, which the Senate specified more precisely. Thus, Sunday trade will continue as normal in such establishments as bakeries, cake shops, liquid-fuel stations, flower shops, newsagents, post offices, army-unit stores, railway-station and airport shops, duty-free stores and wholesale agriculture markets.

For others, failure to comply with the new regulations will result in fines from PLN 1,000 (EUR 240) to PLN 100,000 (EUR 24,000), while the most persistent offenders face a non-custodial sentence. 

The bill was submitted to the Sejm in the autumn by a citizens group which includes the Solidarity trade union.

The draft legislation will now be sent to the president to be signed into law.