Polish organisations join forces to aid Yemenis

Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) and Caritas Polska have joined forces to help people in Yemen. Funds conveyed by the two organisations will be spent on additional medical equipment at a local Yemeni clinic.

PAH's Rafal Grzelewski in a press release sent to PAP on Wednesday wrote that Yemen is hit by the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world. Thousands of people have fled the country trying to avoid death and famine.

"The situation is so critical that Poland's two largest aid organisations, PAH and Caritas Poland, have decided to help refugees," Grzelewski wrote.

He noted that one of the biggest problems is the lack of medical care. "Funds earmarked by PAH and Caritas Polska will be spent on extra medical equipment and on the functioning of a local clinic (in Yemen), which in many cases offers the only possibility of medical assistance."

"We want to join forces for those who have increasingly less," Jaroslaw Bittel, Caritas Polska Deputy Director, has told PAP. "It is not very often that two Polish organisations cooperate in one concrete place, this shows the scale of the problem.