Polish oil and gas firm PGNiG starts Norwegian drillings as operator

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

On August 28, Poland's oil and gas operator PGNiG will launch its first Norwegian Sea drillings as an operator. PGNiG said on Thursday that the drillings will be carried out from a latest-generation rig.

PGNiG CEO Piotr Wozniak said the drillings will be conducted on the so-called Shrek bed at 2 kilometres below sea level. PGNiG's partners in the undertaking will be AkerBP and DEA.

Wozniak said the project had a tight schedule owing to coordination requirements between the three companies, and said that the Deepsea Nordkapp rig to be used for the drillings was able to bore through 2 kilometres of seabed daily, 20 percent more than the previous-generation model. He added that the rig had been leased by the Aker company on very advantageous terms.

Wozniak also announced PGNiG's plans to apply for more gas prospecting licences in the Norwegian Sea and said the company will carry out 15 gas drillings in Poland by the end of the year.

According to Thursday-published figures, PGNiG's consolidated profit in the second quarter of the year stood at PLN 248 million (EUR 56.8 million), 65 percent down from the first quarter's PLN 1.31 billion (EUR 300 million).