Polish official accuses EU of applying 'double standards'

A Polish deputy foreign minister has accused the European Union of applying "double standards" when it comes to conservative countries in the EU and added that this can be harmful to European integration.

Referring to EU attacks against Poland and Hungary, Pawel Jablonski told the Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap, that "the Recovery Fund is an example of such a situation."

"This can disintegrate the Union. The double standards and discrimination must end," he said.

"There are many politicians in Brussels who are willing to do anything to punish countries which do not implement a liberal programme," he said, adding that "this is not the right direction to take for European integration."

Jablonski admitted that "we realise that, as Europeans, we are not all similar," and stated that tolerance should be considered one of Europe's common values.

Jablonski also denied charges that the two countries wanted to disintegrate the EU and build an alternative alliance. "This is not true," he said, explaining that the goal of the Three Seas Initiative is not only integration with the West but, above all, the integration of countries within the EU.