Polish Navy divers recover three WWII bombs from Baltic Sea

Polish Navy divers on Monday recovered three World War II aerial bombs from the Baltic Sea off Kołobrzeg (northwestern Poland).

As Jacek Kwiatkowski, the spokesman for the 8th Coast Guard Flotilla in Świnoujście (northwestern Poland) explained to journalists, "eventually we have taken out three aerial bombs and two objects of unknown origin, which have turned out not to be bombs (an anchor plate and a tyre with scrap metal - PAP)."

He added the bombs (two of which weigh 250 kilograms, while the third is lighter) were "potentially dangerous" as they still contain explosive material and a fuse.

Now the explosives are being transported by a special vehicle - a so-called "bomb carrier" - and a motorcade to a blasting site in the Zachodniopomorskie province (northwestern Poland), where they will be detonated.

Kołobrzeg Mayor Janusz Gromek said the danger zone - reaching around 10 kilometres into the Baltic Sea - has now been closed, roads and beaches have been reopened, so that residents and tourists may safely return to Kołobrzeg's east side - Podczele.

The bombs were found on a beach in Podczele by a policeman on duty last week. After preliminary work by sappers, a crisis team was set up by Kołobrzeg authorities and on Monday, when the waves diminished, the bombs could finally be removed.