Polish MoD talks to US national security advisor during US visit

Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak met US National Security Advisor John Bolton during his official visit to the United States on Thursday. The two officials discussed security issues, including a stronger presence of US troops in Poland.

When the hour-long meeting ended, Minister Blaszczak told Polish reporters that John Bolton took "very seriously" Poland's proposal to increase the number of US troops stationed in Poland.

"Of course, he had been informed about this proposal, I'm also in contact with (his) personnel, officials," the Polish minister said. "I'm optimistic about it," he added.

Blaszczak recalled that the Polish proposal to increase the number of US troops in Poland was also discussed during his first visit to Washington as the defence minister, when he met former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.

Blaszczak stressed that the Thursday meeting was one of Bolton's first in the new role.

"I feel distinguished. The fact that the meeting lasted longer than scheduled is also a reason for satisfaction for me and everyone else, for Poland," he said.

The defence minister added he had also discussed with Bolton the military purchases that Poland was making from the US, including the Patriot air and missile defence system as well as command systems.

The talks also focused on changes being introduced in NATO and the geopolitical situation to the east of Poland.

Before the meeting with Bolton, Blaszczak met Democratic and Republican congressmen to discuss international security and the Polish-US military cooperation.

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