Polish Mining group resumes operations in all mines

Andrzej Grygiel/PAP

All pits of the Polish Mining Group (PGG), which suspended or limited coal production three weeks ago due to the coronavirus pandemic, are returning to normal operation as of today, company spokesman Tomasz Glogowski said on Monday.

On June 12, PGG, Poland's largest mining group, decided to close down ten of its pits after record spikes of Covid-19 infections among the miners.

During the downtime, all necessary protective measures were introduced to enable smooth restart of operations after the stopover the spokesman said. He added that the mines' crews underwent coronavirus tests during the pit closures.

"Thanks to the massive screening programme and stringent precautions, including production shutdowns, the threat has been overcome. The epidemic is rapidly subsiding at PGG mines," the spokesman said.

According to data from Monday morning, 88 percent from over 1,900 coronavirus infected employees of PGG have already recovered and can safely return to work, he added.

The company is still operating "in the conditions of a widespread and deep crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic," PGG said in a statement.