Polish MEPs ask EC to include gas as transit fuel in decarbonisation

Nearly 80 MEPs have backed a Polish-initiated letter to the European Commission asking for the inclusion of gas as a transit fuel in the EU's decarbonisation programme.

In the letter, Polish MEPs Jerzy Buzek, a former EP head and prime minister, and Bogdan Rzońca, argue that natural gas should be on the list of EU-financed transit fuels in the EU transition from coal to other energy sources.

The authors of the letter also note that the transition programme should take account of regional differences among the member states, especially in their access to non-carbon energy sources.

They also point to nuclear energy as a good replacement for coal.

At the end of 2021, the EC published an initial draft of its financing scheme for energy transition, in which it suggested classifying nuclear power and gas as "green" energy sources, which would give related projects access to EU funding.