Polish mead likely to win Portuguese market as traditional specialty

Paweł Pawłowski/PAP

Polish mead, which has already been on sale in Portugal, has the chance of being seen in that country as a Polish traditional specialty, according to a statement published by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

"The Apis company, based in Lublin, south-eastern Poland, has already started cooperating with a local alcoholic beverages distributor in Portugal," Dariusz Duda, the head of the Lisbon-based bureau of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), was quoted as saying.

According to Duda, the Portuguese market of alcoholic beverages is both demanding and competitive, but, at the same time, a prospective one.

"Portugal is the country with the highest per capita consumption of wine, with over 62 litres in 2019," Duda said, adding that, since liqueurs are popular there, Polish mead can also win popularity in Portugal.

The European Commission has registered Polish mead in the list of 'traditional specialities guaranteed' (TSG), a designation intended to promote and protect traditional foods and drinks.

Mead has for centuries been an integral part of traditional Polish cuisine. The sweet alcohol beverage contains aromatic honey and water, which are sometimes fermented with other ingredients.