Polish-made trains delivered to Sardinia by sea

The first set of ATR220 Tr diesel trains produced by Pesa Bydgoszcz, based in northern Poland, have arrived in Sardinia. This is the first time that vehicles from the Bydgoszcz factory were delivered by sea, said Maciej Grzeskowiak, a company spokesman.

The ATR220 Tr diesel multiple units produced for Trenitalia, the primary train operator in Italy, will be in use on the Italian island of Sardinia. The first four units have already reached their destination.

"This is a unique situation for us, because for the first time in history our vehicles were delivered to the customer by ship. The transport proceeded without any problems and, soon, more vehicles will embark on a similar journey to Sardinia," noted Natalia Rachubinska, the Trenitalia contract manager at Pesa, who was quoted by Grzeskowiak.

The vehicles delivered to the island will begin regular passenger service in Sardinia in the coming weeks. In total, 10 vehicles from the Bydgoszcz manufacturer will be in operation there. The ATR220 Tr trains delivered to Sardinia are part of the implementation of a Pesa contract with Trenitalia from 2013. The largest Italian rail operator ordered 44 diesel multiple units, and last year it made use of an option and increased its order by a further 14 vehicles.

In total, 89 Pesa-produced vehicles already operate in Italy, and ultimately there will be a total of 99.