Polish labs capacity stands at nearly 3,000 tests in 24 hours

The capacity of Polish laboratories conducting coronavirus tests amounts to at least 3,000 in 24 hours, Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski announced on Thursday adding that at present some 1,200-1,500 test were being carried out daily.

Szumowski told a Polish public radio broadcaster that Polish labs all over Poland had so far received around 50,000 tests.

The minister added that the fact, that a Warsaw lab had suspended its work on Wednesday, would not affect both the speed and effectiveness of coronavirus tests in Poland since there were over 20 other labs conducting such tests.

The Warsaw lab closed down on Wednesday after one of its scientific staff, not directly involved in COVID-19 testing, tested coronavirus positive.

Szumowski also said that around 10,000 coronavirus tests had already been carried out in Poland, and added that their number resulted from medical requirements.

Asked whether the presidential election should be held on May 10, the health minister answered that his task was to organise the system of health care and not politics.

Speaking about medical recommendations for the future, the health minister said we should wait until the end of March.

"When March has ended, we will see how the situation will look. If we are to speak about medical recommendations, we should start taking about them in April," he answered.