Polish journalist detained in Myanmar returns home

A Polish journalist, beaten up and detained in Myanmar by security services while shooting a pro-democracy demonstration against a military coup on March 11, has returned home.

Robert Bociaga, a freelance journalist and traveller cooperating with international media, including the German dpa news agency, The Diplomat portal and CNN, returned to Poland on Friday after being arrested for two weeks in Myanmar.

"The army uses all means at its disposal to pacify the ongoing protests. The situation in Myanmar has been constantly deteriorating," Bociaga told PAP.

He added that every day people were being killed during pro-democracy demonstrations against the junta.

The junta says a Nov. 8 ballot, won in a landslide by Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD), was rigged, forcing the military to take control.

The junta detained Suu Kyi on the day it took power, and continues to hold her on minor criminal charges while investigating allegations of corruption against her which her supporters dismiss as politically motivated.

Protesters have taken to the streets since the Feb. 1 military coup that derailed Myanmar's slow transition to democracy.

On Saturday, Myanmar's security forces shot and killed at least 50 protesters who came out on the streets of Yangon, Mandalay and other towns, defying a warning that they could be shot "in the head and back", while the country's generals celebrated Armed Forces Day.

The latest fatalities would bring the total death toll to more than 340 in the army's efforts to stamp out the widespread opposition to the coup.