18/11/2019 19/11/2019
Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw

Polish Jews in early war years theme of Warsaw conference

The meeting will take place in the seat of the Jewish Historical Institute. Adrian Grycuk/Creative Commons licence

A two-day international conference devoted to the fate of Poland's Jews in the early years of the country's World War II occupation by Nazi Germany will set off in Warsaw on Monday.

The meeting, hosted by the Warsaw Ghetto Museum and several Polish and foreign institutions, will take place in the seat of the Jewish Historical Institute. The debates will focus on the life of Jewish communities in Poland between 1939, when Poland came under German occupation, and 1941.

Discussed among other issues will be life in Jewish ghettos, the place of Jews in Nazi-German ethnic policy, the introduction of forced labour for Jews in Poland, and differences in the Germans' attitude to ethnic Poles and Jews.

On the second day of the conference, the talks will focus on Polish-Jewish relations in the early occupation years, relations between Warsaw's anti-German underground and the city's Jews, and the fate of Jews in Soviet-occupied parts of eastern Poland.

The conference will close on Tuesday with a resume by Professor Daniel Blatman from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.