Polish industrial policy must be tied to EU funding - Dep PM

Poland's industrial policy has to be closely tied to EU funding for it to succeed, Jaroslaw Gowin, a deputy prime minister, has said.

Gowin, also the development, labour and technology minister, told the European Economic Congress on Wednesday that the use of EU funds to accelerate industrial modernisation was a part of Poland's National Recovery Plan.

Prepared by the government, the plan, which has to be submitted to the EU by April, is required by Brussels if Poland wants to gain access to funding for its post-pandemic recovery.

It will include details on investments and reforms needed to rebuild the economy after the coronavirus pandemic.

"This new industrial policy will only be successful if it is closely tied to (...) the rational, growth-enhancing employment of huge EU funds," Gowin said.

"This is what we are working towards now."

Gowin said the plan's main objective was to help national industry switch from its present low-cost labour model to innovative, high-tech production.