Polish Centenary celebrations abroad to boost country's image

Poland's independence centenary observations abroad will aim to promote Poland's good name and boost its image, deputy Culture Minister Jaroslaw Sellin said on Friday in Warsaw.

Sellin told a press conference devoted to the government's independence centenary programme in Warsaw's Adam Mickiewicz Institute, that the celebrations would extend until 2021, and foresaw national as well as foreign events under the title: "Independent Poland 100. Inspired by the past, we build the future." He added that the celebrations were also aimed to reinforce a sense of community among Poles.

"We want the independence centenary to help build civic community among Poles, and respect for what we achieved a century ago, for the country we managed to rebuild," Sellin said.

The deputy minister said Poland's foreign programme of celebrations would strengthen ties with the country's institutional partners. "The foreign programme of celebrations is aimed primarily at caring for Poland's good name, strengthening our image through presentations of our wonderful Polish culture, strengthening the conviction that Poland is a country of wonderful traditions," he explained.

Recounting planned events outside Poland, Sellin said one of the major themes would be Polish culture, especially in the context of its rooting in Christianity and antiquity. He added that the brunt of the celebrations would take place in Central and Eastern Europe.

The "Independent" Government Programme entrusted to the Adam Mickiewicz Institute by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, is the biggest undertaking since 1989 promoting Polish culture. Within the programme's framework, over 400 cultural projects will be conducted in more than 20 countries over the next four years under the banner of 'Polska 100.'