Polish gov't support for 14 airports to reach EUR 31 mln

Dariusz Radzimierski/PAP

Fourteen Polish airports are entitled to receive support under the government's anti-crisis programme, with the total amount of subsidies reaching PLN 142 mln (EUR 31.42 mln), Deputy Infrastructure Minister Marcin Horala told a Friday press conference.

A draft regulation prepared by the infrastructure ministry envisages an additional subsidy mechanism for companies managing public use airports at which minimum operational readiness should be maintained. The document also specifies requirements to be fulfilled for such minimum operational readiness.

The airports listed in the draft include central Lodz and Warsaw's Chopin airports, western Poznan-Lawica airport, northern Gdansk Lech Walesa airport, southeastern Rzeszow-Jasionka airport, northwestern Szczecin-Goleniow airport, southern Katowice-Pyrzowice airport, north-central Bydgoszcz airport, southern Krakow-Balice Airport, southwestern Wroclaw - Strachowice airport, western Zielona Gora - Babimost airport, northeastern Olsztyn-Mazury airport, Warsaw-Modlin, the capital's low cost airport, and southeastern Lublin airport.

Horala expects the Council of Ministers to adopt the draft next week and then his ministry will be able to present detailed rules for allocating the subsidies, he also said.