Polish gov't preparing support programmes for seniors citizens and families

Demographic programmes, family assistance programmes, and a complex programme of support for senior citizens will be the areas of activity of a new Social Committee of the Council of Ministers headed by deputy Prime Minister Beata Szydlo.

Former PM Szydlo was appointed head of the Social Committee in December. It will have it first sitting in January. 

The deputy PM pointed out that the committee is intended to prepare pro-social projects and programmes as well as to evaluate bills that have an impact on social issues. "We will also prepare our own legislative proposals," the deputy PM said, adding that everything "will be done in agreement" with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. 

Announcing that the committee's first meeting would be in January, Szydlo said: "We will start with the demographic situation, demographic programmes in Poland and of course we will prepare programmes that will help families." She also said she wanted to work on "a complex programme for senior citizens." 

"I believe this is a group that needs a great deal of support at the moment," Szydlo said, elaborating that seniors could expect projects that will "make their daily life easier and support them financially." "I would like to have such a complex programme ready by the end of the year, which could come into force in 2019," she stated. 

In line with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki's December decree, the committee will be comprised of Szydlo and the ministers of: Family, labour and social policy; education; culture; science and higher education; the interior and administration; justice; health; agriculture; sport; finance, and the secretary for European affairs. 

The Social Committee of the Council of Ministers is an assistance body to the government and prime minister. It is responsible for ensuring the coordination of activities and efficient decision-making in social matters and recommending them to the prime minister and the Council of Ministers.