Polish government provides 500 houses for Iraq

A convoy of ten trucks transporting 500 temporary homes valued at PLN 3 mln (EUR 698, 470) is heading from Gdańsk, northern Poland, to Mosul in northern Iraq. The houses are a form of humanitarian aid from the Polish government.

"It is a time of great celebrations in our country - the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence. But there are countries, where war has finished and it is necessary to help them rebuild their homes (...) so the people can regain self-confidence and dignity (...).", Minister for Humanitarian Aid Beata Kempa has said.

Kempa explained that the aid is directed to residents who were displaced internally in Iraq and "refugees who have suffered serious harm from Islamic State."

She also noted that, apart from Poland, Iraq is also receiving help from Hungary.

Each house is 17.5 square metres and has room for five people. The facilities are made of special fire-resitant material, which is of three-year durability.

The aid for Iraq was financed by the state budget and the prime minister's office. The purchase of houses totalled over PLN 3 mln (EUR 698,470). The humanitarian assistance is being carried out by the Polish Center for International Aid.