Polish government plans no new significant economic restrictions

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

The Polish government plans no new significant economic restrictions to limit the spread of the coronavirus, a cabinet minister told Money.pl on Monday.

Jaroslaw Gowin, deputy prime minister and development minister, said in an interview with the portal that he was against the economic lockdown since it would produce economic losses which could be difficult to evaluate.

The hit to the economy, he added, could result in the collapse of the health system.

Gowin said a balance needed to be struck between restricting the spread of the virus and maintaining the health of the economy and the labour market, while also allowing people the necessary minimum amount of social interaction.

Although there were no plans to impose new significant economic restrictions, he added, however, that the trade sector could be subject to additional measures.

Gowin added that it was possible that Poland could mirror other European countries and impose severe restrictions on social activities. He said he was speaking about such restrictions as a ban on leaving one's home except for travelling to work and for shopping for basic necessities such as food or medicine.