Polish government opens up to immigrants - daily


Work permits will be issued for five years, whereas Filipinos and Vietnamese won't need them at all, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna (DGP) daily wrote on Monday.

Negotiations between the ministries of labour, internal affairs, and development, regarding immigration strategy are in the last phase. One of the elements of the new policy is to be an amendment to the act on labour market institutions.

"It consists of instruments to ease the employment of newcomers from beyond the European Union," the Deputy Labour Minister Stanisław Szwed told DGP.

The government wants to extend the work permit based on an employer's declaration. Currently, the citizens of six former Soviet states are able to work in Poland for a maximum of six months - after the amendments it will be for one year.

"Workforce shortages are noticeable in almost each sector. Even in small cities, which not long ago had a two-digit unemployment rate, we're starting to see labor shortages," Poland's deputy development minister told the daily.

For this reason, the government is planning to make it easier to obtain work permits and to extend their duration for newcomers from outside the EU. According to the daily, the spouse of a person who has a work permit will not have to apply for such a document.

The officials also want to extend the list of countries whose citizens will be subject to milder migration policy.

"We're referring to the countries of Southeast Asia, for example, Vietnam or the Philippines. According to our data, people from these countries acclimatise and integrate easily in Poland," Deputy Development Minister Paweł Chorąży told DGP.

The purpose of the new policy is to fill the demographic gap in Poland.