Polish, German presidents discuss Euro-Atlantic, bilateral relations

Krzysztof Sitkowski/KPRP

Polish and German Presidents, Andrzej Duda and Frank-Walter Steinmeier during an almost hour-long Thursday talk discussed Euro-Atlantic and bilateral relations as well as the pandemic situation.

Discussing Euro-Atlantic ties following the change of the US administration, the two presidents said that "our two countries should take care to maintain US commitment to European security, to maintain a strong Euro-Atlantic bond," Krzysztof Szczerski, a member of the Polish President's Office said in a recording published on the presidential website.

He added that both countries’ common role today is to see that "the new US administration would maintain its commitment to our security, to the security of the eastern flank, but also to its economic, political and military involvement in Europe as part of the new US administration's policy."

Minister Szczerski said that while discussing bilateral ties, the two president's referred to this year's 30th anniversary of the Polish-German Treaty on Cooperation and Good Neighbourly Relations. The presidents, according to Szczerski, noted that "it is important that the anniversary coincides with progress in key fields of Polish-German relations."

Szczerski said that the point is not only to sum up the positive 30 years of the Polish-German neighbourhood, the development of economic, social, local government and interstate cooperation, "but also to discuss concrete goals for the future." The minister pointed out that among important elements of Polish-German dialogue are now "Polish diaspora rights, educational rights, the Polish-German round table in this regard and also the commemoration of Polish victims of World War Two in Berlin."

The presidents' talk also focused on the coronavirus pandemic and European solidarity as regards Covid-19 vaccination. Szczerski stressed that President Duda "made it very clear that the effectiveness of the European project in terms of vaccination (...) depends on solidarity within this programme."