Polish furniture sales set new record

Grzegorz Michałowski/PAP

The Polish furniture sector has managed to defy the pandemic recession with sales passing the PLN 50.6 billion (EUR 11.26 billion) mark last year.

The Puls Biznesu newspaper wrote that "at the end of December 2020, the Polish furniture sector was not certain whether the year would close with sales growth or decline.

"In the end the optimistic scenario prevailed," the paper added.

"We have managed to close the year with a slight increase in sold production, although in the middle of December it was not so certain," Michal Strzelecki, head of the OIGPM, the sector's lobby organisation, told the daily. "The value of sales finally reached PLN 50.6 billion (EUR 11.26 billion) compared to PLN 50.5 billion (EUR 11.24 billion) a year before."

This year the prospects are even more optimistic.

"I think that we can count on 6-8 percent growth in 2021," Strzelecki said.