Polish furniture exports up despite pandemic

Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

The Polish furniture sector has managed to defy the coronavirus pandemic recession with export sales reaching EUR 13 billion last year.

"The Polish furniture industry has managed to defend its position as the world's second largest exporter, behind China," the newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported on Monday.

According to the daily, these are the initial data but "even cautious analysts admit that the vitality of the furniture industry has come as a surprise in the difficult period of the pandemic and the accompanying crisis."

"Growing prices (by about 15-20 percent year on year) were not the only cause of this good result," the daily wrote, adding that producers had also expanded their offer by 6 percent.

"The sales of Polish furniture to the US went up by 26 percent year on year. Exports to EU countries, which traditionally buy 80 percent of all Polish furniture, were also on the rise," the daily reported.