Polish fuel firm in talks on purchase of Polska Press - Economist

Tytus Żmijewski/PAP

The Economist reported on Thursday evening that Polish fuel concern PKN Orlen was in talks with the German publishing house Verlagsgruppe Passau (VGP) on the purchase of its Polish chapter, Polska Press.

Polska Press is the owner of 20 regional dailies, out of 24 published in Poland. According to the British weekly, despite the fact that most of these dailies have a relatively small circulation, they are important for the ruling party since their readers are usually residents of rural areas, which are Catholic and which are the core of its electorate.

The Economist explained that the possible purchase of VGP titles by PKN Orlen could be seen as part of the Polish government's steps aimed at the deconcentration of mass media in Poland. The paper recalled that, in one of his interviews, Poland's ruling Law and Justice party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski stated that he wanted to reduce the share of foreign investors in Polish mass media to no more than 30 percent, while deconcentration could limit the number of titles which could be owned by one media group.