Polish Foundation for Africa helps over 3,000 Madagascar inhabitants

Four Polish doctors from the Polish Foundation for Africa brought medical assistance to over 3,000 inhabitants of Mampikony, a district of Madagascar. The aim of the mission was to help people suffering from leprosy.

During their two-week mission, the doctors examined patients for symptoms of malaria, tuberculosis and bilharzia, treated them, and distributed medicine and nearly 1,000 pairs of eyeglasses.

Doctor Lidia Stopyra, one of the leaders of the mission, said that this particular assignment was especially difficult because the doctors had to work in very high temperatures and because the needs of the people were enormous.

The Polish doctors were equipped with a portable ultrasound machine, and assisted by native medical students, as well as English philology students, who worked as translators.

The foundation has carried out a long list of projects, including the building of medical facilities, schools, wells and two orphanages. The total cost of mission was approximately PLN 50,000-60,000 (EUR 11,684-14,021).

CEO of the Polish Foundation for Africa Wojciech Zieba announced that the next mission to Madagascar will be organised in October next year.