Polish Foreign Ministry thanks Netflix for amendments to documentary

Poland's Foreign Ministry, on its Twitter account on Thursday, thanked Netflix Polska for the quick reaction on its documentary series about a notorious guard at the Nazi-German Treblinka death camp.

In its reply on Thursday to the Polish side's complaints, Netflix defended the authors of the series and gave its assurance that the series had been well researched. Netflix also said that all future maps presented in the series will be supplemented by text clarifying that World War Two death camps in Poland were built and run by the Germans, who at that time were occupying the country.

Moments later, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied to the Netflix statement on Twitter: "Thank you for your reaction! We appreciate that @netflix raises difficult and important topics. We are sure that historical accuracy will be essential in your future productions."

On Monday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that he had written a letter on the matter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings asking him to correct mistakes in the network's documentary "The Devil Next Door," which focuses on the sadistic Treblinka guard John Demjanjuk. The Polish prime minister argued that a map of Nazi-run concentration camps, shown in the documentary, falsely suggested that Poland was in charge of them.