Polish food exports may suffer from drought - report

Poland's agricultural exports may fall due to the risk of serious drought according to experts from the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) cited in Saturday's Gazeta Polska Codzinnie daily.

"According to PIE analyses, meteorological conditions can have a negative impact on the quantity of harvests in Poland of cereals, fruits and vegetables as well as on the quantity and quality of livestock feed. This can be directly reflected in the export results of Polish food, the value of which has grown steadily for many years," the paper wrote.

According to data from the National Support Centre for Agriculture, cited by the paper, 2019 was a record year for Polish food exports, which reached EUR 31.4 billion and accounted for 13.3 percent of all exports.

PIE analysts predict that as much as EUR 5 billion-worth of exports could be affected by this year's drought, which represents almost 16 percent of all Polish agri-food exports. Crops at risk include vegetables, fruit, cereals and products made from them, as well as tobacco.