Polish firm receives certificate to produce Mk-82 bombs for F-16s

Tytus Żmijewski/PAP

The Nitro-Chem Chemical Plant, part of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), has attained certification to produce the modern Mk-82 aerial bomb, which is used to arm Polish F-16 multi-task aircraft, PGZ and Nitro-Chem have announced.

The implementation in Poland of the necessary technology to produce the Mk-82 is the result of an agreement signed in November 2017 between RWM Italia and Nitro-Chem Chemical Plant concerning cooperation in the production of standard US aerial bombs of the Mk-80 family. The undertaking is being jointly carried out with RWM Italia, a member of the Rheinmetall Defence group, a certified world leader in the production of aerial bombs.

"We are satisfied with a further step in cooperation with Rheinmetall Defence," PGZ Vice-President Sebastian Chwalek said. "Production of the Mk-82 aerial bomb in Poland wil bring increased state security in connection with the raised level of independence and the creation of manufacturing possibilities in the country. What is more, it generates the possibility of the potential export of Polish bombs on third markets. Nitro-Chem's activities are carrying out a Polonisation of defence systems used to equip the Polish Armed Forces."

"A year and a half of hard work has borne fruit with our plant's attainment of the capacity to produce the latest weaponry," said Nitro-Chem President Krzysztof Kozlowski. "We're starting with orders for the Polish Air Force. This year we will produce the first batch of 200 bombs."

The RWM Italia-certified bomb produced in Poland fulfills the quality requirements set by RWM Italia and is fully interchangeable with the Italian-produced Mk-82 bomb. The Polish bomb will be used in modern aerial bomb configurations thanks to its compatibility with systems used by Raytheon and Boeing. Over the last three years, the Polish Air Force has ordered 1,300 bombs of this type.