Polish firm in line for top AI prize

Hundreds turn out for the AI Masters Publicis conferences to listen and discuss how AI can be applied to everyday business practices. AIMasters_DE / Facebook

A Wrocław company has become the only firm from Central Europe to be nominated for the prestigious AI Masters Publicis Lion Award.

RoomSage muscled its way onto the list of 10 nominees for the EUR 25,000 prize owing to its success in applying their advert optimising AI technology to the hospitality sector.

Sponsored by media and technology giant Publicis Media, the awards are part of an initiative to actively support promising companies who use AI technology in marketing and e-commerce.

“Our technology—using knowledge gradient—gives us a chance to start faster than other companies, as our AI is learning from small data sets, whereas the old approach to AI needs ‘big data mining’,” Juliusz Donajski, the co-founder of RoomSage, told TFN about what sets the firm apart from the rest. “Our AI ‘knows how to forget’ what is known.”

Started two years ago, RoomSage has worked with AI experts from Ivy League universities in the US to develop their software into what it is today.

“We are a platform that optimises and automates management of ad campaigns,” explained Dariusz Wiatr, RoomSage’s representative at the AI Masters conference. “The first product that we have does one portion of the campaign management, namely bidding.”

RoomSage's Dariusz Wiatr, presented its AI technology to judges in Cologne. The AI tool RoomSage has developed uses optimal learning and knowledge gradient technologies.AIMasters_DE / Facebook

Wiatr hopes that digital marketers will have the most to gain from the RoomSage tool. He knows the software can bring new insights to ad campaigns, helping save money and increase conversions.

Now that RoomSage has presented its AI at Demexco, a digital marketing conference in Cologne, the company has to win three more rounds to take the grand AI Masters prize. 

It will first be subject to a vote, and then be reviewed by a board of judges. After this five companies will get the kicked out, leaving the remaining half to present their technology at Publicis’ offices in Düsseldorf at the end of November. This will whittle them down to two which will then go head-to-head at the AI Masters conference next year.  

Along with the money the winner of the will have the opportunity to work with the Publicis brand.